I was born in New York, started elementary school in Anchorage, Alaska, graduated from high school in Ankara Turkey, moved to Los Angeles, taught school in Oregon, then spent ten years teaching school in a remote Eskimo village above the Arctic Circle.  Then, by some wonderful twist of fate, 20 years ago I came home to a place I'd never been before: Orcas Island.
Over the years, I've worked on many peace, justice, and environmental issues, both local and global. Trump's election feels like a repudiation of my life's work and of everything good and honorable about the United States.  During the campaign my very British husband and I sworewe'd move to Europe if Trump were elected, but on November 8th, when the worst case scenario came to pass, I knew I wasn't moving anywhere.  I'm staying here, and fighting the worst excesses of this regime.  I am proud and pleased to be able to do this shoulder to shoulder with so many wonderful Orcas women.