This week we have two opportunities to speak up for the protection and recovery of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW):

1. Let's get quieter ferries! Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan Commenting deadline is Thursday, October 25:

The Washington State Ferries (WSF) draft 2040 long range plan recommends that WSF invest in replacing aging vessels with new, quieter, plug-in hybrid-capable, ferries. This is a win-win for ferry-dependent communities and the SRKW. Because ferries represent over 70% of commercial vessel traffic managed by the USCG's Vessel Traffic Service, reducing ferry noise will have a significant benefit to SRKW who are impacted by vessel noise. The plug-in hybrid-capable ferries and the transition to a zero-emission ferry fleet would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change impacts. Expediting the plan to build quieter, hybrid-capable ferries will further benefit ferry riders, SRKW, and our climate.

Suggested comments from Friends of the San Juans:

Our aging fleet is unreliable, and any loss of service impacts all ferry riders and especially ferry-dependent communities. Vessel noise from ferries impacts the critically endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales. Greenhouse gas emissions from ferries contributes to climate change.

I support the draft long range plan's recommendation that WSF replace aging vessels and add relief vessels beyond those currently available (for maintenance and repairs without disrupting ferry service). Construction of new, quieter, plug-in hybrid-capable, ferries needs to be expedited for ferry-dependent communities, the protection and recovery of Southern Resident Killer Whales, and our climate.

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2. SRKW Recovery and Task Force Commenting Opportunity Commenting deadline is Monday, October 29:

The Governor's Southern Resident Killer Recovery and Task Force updated their draft recommendations today. 
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Thank you for standing up for the whales, salmon and the Salish Sea!