Yes for Homes – Recommend Vote Yes

The average home price in SJC is out of reach for the average working family, even for a two-adult multiple-job household.  We have good models for affordable housing on the islands.  Let’s fund them!

From the YES for Homes website:

We believe it should be possible for working people to afford a home
 and still have money left over for basics like food, transportation, and childcare.

With the average working person making $30,000 a year, and the average home costing $500,000, every year it becomes more and more difficult for working people to find homes they can afford.

Voting YES to create the San Juan County Home Fund will generate millions of dollars for the production and preservation of affordable homes, helping over 400 families in our communities.

That's the simple but powerful solution the YES for Homes Coalition is working toward.

Our Story

A few years ago the County Council tasked a work group with developing a strategic action plan to address the growing housing needs on the islands. That group was made up of stakeholders ranging from housing non-profits to business owners to county staff. One key they found to the solution was to create a dedicated local funding source. Without funding, the housing problem on our islands will only continue to grow.

After the County Council adopted the strategic action plan, (click HERE to read the strategic plan)  they tasked the Housing Bank Commission (HBC) with developing a recommended local funding source. After months of deliberation that Commission recommended the creation of a county Home Fund, funded by a 0.5% Real Estate Excise Tax, along with a carefully crafted Administrative and Financial Plan for how those tax dollars are to be spent. (Click HERE to read the Administrative & Financial Plan.)

On May 22, the County Council voted to move the recommendation of the HBC forward to a vote of the people in November of 2018.

More About the SJC Home Fund

Home Fund revenue will come from a one-time tax paid at the time of a real estate sale. This is NOT an ongoing property tax. These funds will serve very-low, low and moderate-income households and those with special needs. The REET is the only source of funds available after a vote of the people that has the flexibility to serve moderate-income households. By voting YES for Homes, you will help our islands take a major step in ensuring communities that are fair and healthy for all.

Home Fund revenue can be used for the development of affordable homes including acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance and operation of homes. Priority will be given to projects that provide perpetual affordability. Project proposals will be submitted to the Housing Advisory Committee who will review them and make recommendations to the County Council.


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