Kathryn Loring is running unopposed, but we endorsed her anyway because we like the effect her firm-but-fair demeanor has had on the law enforcement and judicial culture of our county.

From Judge Loring’s Website:

"I believe a justice system that is accessible and fair to all in our community – including people of all races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, financial positions, and any other status – is essential for a healthy and strong society."

Consistent with that belief, I strive to be a thoughtful, thorough and objective judge who dispenses justice fairly and with empathy and humility. I will continue to carefully tackle the often complicated and emotionally-charged issues that come before the court.

I witness on a daily basis the impact of crime on victims and on our community. I also observe the ongoing affects of addiction and mental health challenges that can contribute to criminal activity. And I see individuals and families addressing life-changing civil issues. Every case is important and everyone who comes before the court deserves a caring and dedicated judge.

The foundations of my philosophy were forged in my upbringing. My parents each worked in social justice, raised racially diverse children, and taught us to give back to our community. As a result, I have volunteered in community service all my life and offered pro bono representation as a lawyer. These experiences help me appreciate diversity, question assumptions, and empathize with others.

As a student and legal practitioner, I dedicated myself to my craft. I graduated in the top five percent of my class at Boston College Law School while busy serving on law review, competing on a moot court team, working at an elder law clinic, and teaching environmental law to undergraduates. I excelled in clerking for the Washington Supreme Court, in private practice at the large law firm Perkins Coie, and in a small private firm practicing in Island, San Juan, and Skagit Counties.

These experiences and my time as Superior Court Judge and Commissioner have taught me the value of thorough preparation, skilled legal analysis, and good judgment.