On Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, we hosted a disaster preparedness event at the Sea View Theatre in Eastsound, WA.

Our local experts included: 

Brendan Cowan: SJC Dept of Emergency Management

Fire Chief, Scott Williams: Orcas Fire & Rescue

Jason Hensel: SJC Building Department

Russell Guerry & Jay Kimball: OPALCO

Nathan Donnelly: Reverence Permaculture & Preparedness

Michael Riordan, Michael Hurwicz, Barry Neville, & Eric Morris: Odd Fellows

Natalie Menacho & Learner Limbach: Orcas Food Co-op

The event was sponsored by the SJCDEM & Sea View Theatre, and organized by Natalie Menacho.

Click here to watch the recorded presentations.

Our islands have such an incredible wealth of skill and knowledge! Let's tap into this abundance of wisdom and continue sharing our techniques and know-how for disaster preparedness! 

Additional trainings are in the works!

Please click here to sign up for info on upcoming trainings and skill shares. 

Stock up on your emergency food! It is recommended to have at least an extra two weeks worth of food on hand. When shopping, buy 2 or 3 more of non-perishable items you enjoy eating. Or, stock up by buying in bulk. Orcas Food Co-op offers awesome deals on case prices and bulk items.  Click here for more info on special ordering.


Check out Orcas Fire & Rescue to sign up for upcoming preparedness classes. CPR & First Aid are a must! 
These classes will empower ones confidence and skill set.


www.sanjuandem.net/quakes : Links and FAQs about quakes and tsunamis in the islands.

www.sanjuandem.net/prepare : Links to four simple flyers that summarize the basics of island preparedness. 

https://www.sanjuanislandscd.org/fire-wise/ : Info & videos for wildfire prevention in San Juan County.


Click here to see the powerpoint presentations from the event, print handouts, and learn more about Berkey Water Systems.